Disarranging Mine

Name: Lillian Marie (call me Marie)
Status: Single
Location: Central Illinois, USA
Age: The first movie I saw was Mary Poppins ... first run
First car: Used 1965 Oldsmobile F-85 fourdoor green rusty creampuff
Education: Apparently I'm the only one on the Net who didn't go to college
Occupation: Unemployed legal secretary Extreme secretary
100 things about me: Not likely that I'll be taking on this project
Noteworthy things I've done: Former CNN elf; former National Runaway Switchboard operator; once inadvertently altered the course of history of the United States and the world in a major way
Some pastimes: Sketching, photography, writing, reading, genealogy
Favorite music: Anything rock n roll and other genres as the mood strikes me
Favorite movies: The original Jaws, the original Indiana Jones, Fargo
Favorite TV shows: The first Star Trek series, Law & Order
Blogger Code: B2 d+ t++ k s+ u-- f i-- o x e l+ c++
Mindless Internet Quizzes: Yeah, I've taken a few.
Wants: Amazon Wish List
My Bloginality is INFP!
The Disarrangers: They know who they are
More: I'll put something else here once I figure out

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