My name is Marie Carnes and I live in Springfield, Illinois. This is my blog where topics may include my life, politics, war, law, Abraham Lincoln, technology, photography, and Moore. (Not necessarily in that order.)

I was born in 1956 in Springfield, Illinois. I lived in Chicago, Western Michigan, and Springfield, again. I have traveled north and south, but barely east and west.

I have two grown daughters.

I'm a legal secretary, paralegal, bookkeeper, law librarian for a solo lawyer. Nothing in this blog, or anywhere on the web for that matter, shall be construed to be legal advice by me. Don't ask for it. I can't do it. I don't do it.

I've been blogging since November 2001. If you are looking for a blog or news monitor or for someone to help get your blog off the ground for your business or project, I'm available. (E-mail mariecarnes@gmail.com)

Some of my pastimes include sketching, photography, writing, reading, genealogy, and technology.

The name of this blog can be found in the words of a song:

I tried so hard to rearrange your mind
But after a while
I realized you were disarranging mine
-- Mick Jagger, Keith Richards (19th Nervous Breakdown)

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Last updated: 1 January 2008