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Monday, October 26, 2009

Afghanistan links

* New York Times journalist, David Rohde, tells the short version of his almost eight months long ordeal when he was captured and held prisoner by the Taliban:

Prisoner of the Taliban | As a captive in the worst place on earth to be an American, David Rohde pinned his hopes on winning over a ‘good’ Taliban commander. After months of lies and fear, he learnt a cruel lesson (May cause pop-ups.)
Over those months I came to a simple realisation. After seven years of reporting in the region, I did not fully understand how extreme many of the Taliban had become. Before the kidnapping I viewed the organisation as a form of “Al-Qaeda lite”, a religiously motivated movement primarily focused on controlling Afghanistan.
Living side by side with the Haqqanis’ followers, I learnt that the goal of the hardline Taliban was far more ambitious. They wanted to create a fundamentalist Islamic emirate with Al-Qaeda that spanned the Muslim world.

* NPR has a good piece on the copper deal; note also the map which shows Afghanistan's very interesting border with China: China Becomes A Player In Afghanistan's Future.

* Forty-three photos from Afghanistan.

* Rethink Afghanistan is a ground-breaking, full-length documentary focusing on the key issues surrounding this war.... (The documentary is broken up in chunks to make it easier for internet viewing. Thank you, @Karoli.)

* New York Times Lede Blog: A Video Guide to the Afghan War Debate, which includes a trailer for Danfung Dennis's upcoming documentary, "The Battle for Hearts and Minds."

* Speaking of hearts and minds, Police fire on anti-US protesters in Kabul.

* Finally, from the Office of the Secretary of Defense Public Affairs (do you think they read my blog?), a long list of recent missions and their results: Forces Kill Taliban Commander, Other Enemy Fighters.

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