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Saturday, July 28, 2012

You gentlemen have been through a lot


Sunset over Park South.

* Cracked.

* From the That Sure Sounds Familiar Department: I'll say a quote from a movie and you say who said it.

If they ask, "was he a friend?" I'd tell them, "we were lifelong friends."

Can't remember? Okay, it was Harrison Ford's character, Jack Ryan, in 1994's Clear and Present Danger, telling the president what to say if the press got hold of the fact the president's friend was involved in something. By the way, the president's character, played by Donald Moffat, did say it and the press shut up about it, as designed. In the movies. Not real life.

Now, I'll say a quote from a politician, and you say who said it.

Israel’s current prime minister is not just a friend, he’s an old friend.

Don't know? It was Mitt Romney in April 2012. Might I suggest that whoever is telling Mitt Romney what to say has been watching too many movies?

* Speaking of memorable movie lines, here's a great one uttered by the same Donald Moffat in The Thing (29 seconds).

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