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Friday, August 08, 2014

You ain't got no kind of feeling inside


High hood in my neighborhood.


* Forty years ago tonight was a Thursday night, as a matter of fact. I remember it like it was just yesterday... We all had full-time jobs that summer. Dinner was over, I was doing the dishes, the TV news was on in the living room, and my parents were out back on the patio enjoying the weather and each other's company. It was the usual routine. Across the house, David Brinkley (I think) announced that the president would resign at noon tomorrow. I threw down my towel, went out the backdoor and informed my parents. They were totally unfazed by this news. I probably said something like, what is wrong with you people? How can you be my parents? They probably said, "hurry and get the dishes done so we can play poker when your brother gets home from work." And life went on.

* Sixty pages of the August 9, 1974, Chicago Tribune final edition.

* Washington Post: Nixon Resigns.

* August 9, 1974, State Journal-Register front page.

* Nixon is back - and on Twitter.

* Tell me something good. (Super funk.)

Posted by Marie at August 8, 2014 10:35 PM