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Friday, August 15, 2014

When the train it left the station


Once again, we have an unattended, wide-open train door, just sitting there. Waiting for me to hop on and ride off. One of these days...

* So, how did Springfield end up with a wheat statue on the edge of downtown. And why is no one talking about this? Don't get me wrong. I am not complaining. I love it. I think it is a thing of beauty. I wish we had more public art like this around town. But how did this happen? We are not exactly known for growing wheat around here. How many miles do you have to drive to find a wheat field? A hundred, maybe two hundred? And yet, you can't spit without hitting a corn or bean field. Did they put the wheat guy, the corn guy, and the soybean guy in a room, and whoever came out alive got a statue? What is going on? Does anybody know? Who decided?

* It had two lights on behind............. (Robert Johnson.)

Posted by Marie at August 15, 2014 10:06 PM