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Saturday, August 16, 2014

In a case of mistaken identity



The wind changed directions.

* More on the militarization aspect of our local police departments. CapitolFax and its commenters, as usual, lead the discussion on practically every topic in Illinois: Today’s map is about the New York Times article and map about the militarization of local police departments. From commenter Joe Bidenopolous:

Sangamon County received more than 600 assault rifles? Are there even 600 law enforcement officers in the county? And what the heck could they ever need that many for - to start a war? If I lived on the east side of Springfield, those numbers would make me extremely nervous and have me thinking a lot about Ferguson.

I do live on the east side of Springfield and that's exactly what I've been thinking about.


This is a lot about keeping all the companies that build military equipment working….build new items and what do you do with the surplus…give it to police departments at a low price, and the DOD pays a big price for the newer and better replacements. Helps to keep on churning the military/industrial complex which has grown.

There's a lot more there. And we're not done talking about this.

* Two Months Ago, Congress Had a Chance to Help Prevent the Escalating Militarization of Police.

* Meanwhile, back in Springfield: Local police agencies see need for military equipment:

“It's all about safety,” Sangamon County Undersheriff Jack Campbell said. “Initially, it would be for the safety of our employees and our deputies, but, overall, the ultimate goal is public safety.”

To which I say, Militarized police departments see every problem, big or small, as a war. #Ferguson.

* SC mom arrested for using 'F-word' in grocery store in front of her kids:

According to North Augusta law, disorderly conduct generally means, to "utter, while in a state of anger, in the presence of another, any bawdy, lewd or obscene words or epithets."

That is fucking bullshit.

* This past week, Illinois governor wannabe Bruce Rauner told state fair goers "Nobody works harder than me. Nobody." #ISF2014.

There was another Illinois politician who was equally full of himself. Who was it... Oh, yeah, Rod Blagojevich. I'm sure Rauner believes that, though. But some other working people might differ with him on what working hard means. Like the teacher, the fire fighter, the police officer, the prison guard, to name just a few. And yes, if elected, he will work hard to knock those public servants' pensions down.

* Amazon told me that Customers Who Bought Items in Your Recent History Also Bought Working: People Talk About What They Do All Day and How They Feel About What They Do, by Studs Terkel.

* Jesus.

* Horn.

* They put a bullet through his heart...........

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